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You Need A Custom Email Address!
September 7, 2020
You Need A Custom Email Address
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  2. You Need A Custom Email Address!

Run Your Own Business? Then You Need A Custom Email Address!

Table of Contents

    1. 5 Reasons You Need A Custom Domain Email
    2. Boost Your Digital Communications With A Custom Email Domain

One of the quickest ways to increase customer trust and build brand integrity is more simple than you think – an email account that features your website address!

In the digital marketplace, having a well-functioning and engaging website is a must. Your website is one of your most valuable storefronts – a unique spot on Digital Main Street where you can showcase your products, sell your services, and draw in potential customers with catchy content.

When a visitor stops by your web presence, you need to provide a way for them to get in touch with you to ask questions and place orders. A surefire way to turn clients away is to offer them a contact email address from a free email service such as Google or Yahoo. While these email systems may work great for your personal email, business communications often needs something a bit more professional looking.

Don’t risk sending potential customers away by contacting them with your personal email account that you’ve had since high school. To make a lasting impact as a professional business, you need a custom domain email.

5 Reasons You Need A Custom Domain Email

Need some proof that a custom domain email address is the way to go for your web-based communication? Consider these five advantages to ending your email address with your business name.

1. Name Recognition

As a business, your priority should be making it as easy as possible for current and potential customers to reach you. If your email address is unrelated to your business title, then you may miss out on easy opportunities to build rapport with customers. Including your business name in your email domain will help your audience remember how to get in touch with you at any moment. Plus, it will help with name recognition for your brand!

2. Professionalism

Let’s face it – consumers expect the brands and businesses they engage with to have a custom domain name for their website and their business email address. A slick, easy-to-remember email domain will give your marketing communications a feel of professionalism that customers can trust.

3. Confidence

Everyone has an email address. Usually it’s a gmail or yahoo account. You can set yourself apart with a personalized email address. Your custom email address also helps you increase brand awareness and demonstrate thought leadership. It makes you look more professional and well-established as an expert in your area of interest.

4. Scalability

Whether you are a small startup or a larger enterprise, you have goals to grow and expand your business in your industry. By building a consistent domain for your business email addresses, you can help maintain consistency across your venture as you grow and change. Having a custom email domain will help you ensure scalability for the future.

5. Unlimited Customization

When you purchase a custom email domain for business communication, you can customize your accounts for any part of your business. Need a product support line? Set up an email connection through [email protected] Want to allow your customers to send in reviews for your services? Encourage them to send their thoughts to [email protected]

You can also create personalized email accounts for various departments and individuals in your business, while maintaining the same look and feel for your entire company.

Boost Your Digital Communications With A Custom Email Domain

A custom domain for your business email accounts is one of many ways that you can build a competitive edge in your industry. Build your brand reputation and recognition in easy ways by carrying your branding across all of your communication methods.

Need a helping hand in setting up your business email accounts and increasing your website effectiveness? The team at Shaka Web Design is skilled at working with companies from various industries to increase their website effectiveness. With a web design expert on your team, you can build a digital marketing strategy that reaches customers in new ways and increases your earning potential through the growing online marketplace.

Ready to learn more? Contact Shaka Web Design today to learn more about our full web design and email management services!

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