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Blazing Fast Website Hosting - Shaka Web Design Services

Easy Web Hosting Services

Now that you’ve got a great website, help get your business off to the best start with web hosting services from Shaka Web Design Services. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver customers user-friendly, intuitive cPanel access to help you manage everything you need. However, if you’d like to take a more hands-off approach and let us manage everything, we will be your web hosting service provider from A to Z. With our web hosting services, you can be sure your business website is performing 24/7.

Blazing Fast Speed & 99% Up-time

Rest easy knowing that you have a dedicated team responsible for keeping your website alive & operating at break-neck speeds. All our websites are hosted on LiteSpeed servers that are up to 9x faster than standard servers. The most important thing you can have when it comes to your website is peace of mind. Don’t get caught up in watching endless YouTube videos on how to manage your site. Let the pros handle it so you can focus on running your business.

A Website Optimized For Speed & Security Means Higher Rankings For You

Did you know that the faster and more trustworthy your website is, the higher search engines will rank you? While it’s true that SEO and other tactics can help with your domain authority, speed is a big deal. Don’t get caught in obscurity with website visitors that don’t have the patience to wait around for your site to load.

Be In Total Control Of Your Website

Our hosting service gives you a range of options depending on how in-depth you want to be in managing your website. Rest assured that you are in full control of the way your site looks and operates. It is vital that you feel confident that your website will continue to run smoothly and be easy to access whether you’re in the driver’s seat or you let us take the wheel.

Intuitive cPanel Access

All of our hosting packages come with access to a user-friendly interface called cPanel where you can manage everything you need. Whether you want to manage your website from the back-end or let us do it, the cPanel will be there. As a part of our website hosting/support package, we are more than happy to handle every aspect and detail for you.

Let Us Help You Decide

As we discuss  your website design needs we will also be  going over our hosting options which include all of our support services in an all-in-one solution. Let Shaka Web Design Services be your single source solution for complete peace of mind that your digital presence is representing your business needs 24/7/365.