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Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) - Shaka Web Design Services

Professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is An Integral Part Of Website Design

Everyone on our team is an SEO specialist that understands how to achieve real results. You can have confidence by knowing you are working with an SEO specialist that understands the ever-changing realm of SEO. If you want an SEO rich website listed with the highest possible rankings, you need to let us design your website today! Only professional SEO services can help you reach Google’s first page. Today’s SEO landscape is overly saturated with thousands of businesses that are all doing the same thing. Only unique and innovative strategies can bring the results you are looking for. We will design your website with these strategies in mind.

How It Works

SEO services work by applying a specific tactic that works to help your personalized needs. Not every business is the same and therefore every SEO strategy should be different as well. Some of the tactics we can help you leverage into a complete strategy are:

  • Keyword Optimization – By optimizing your website for certain keywords, your business will populate under the search results when users search for those keywords.
  • On-page SEO – This includes tactics like enhancing the quality of your content, utilizing title tags, optimizing images and much more.
  • Off-page SEO – Our off-page SEO services will get you powerful backlinks, and an overall higher brand equity. By improving your domain authority, your rankings will rise.
  • Local SEO –  As a business, you want your local customers in your city to find you online. We will help your business become the go-to local source for your industry.
  • Technical SEO – Ensuring that your website is indexed by search engines is critical. By helping the top search engines crawl your site, more people can find you with ease. Google has recently placed an emphasis on website speed and will begin to penalize a website for being slow so we also optimize your webite for speed both desktop and mobile views. We also provide all our non-eCommerce clients with a free SSL certificate when you sign-up foa a hosting plan as part of your website develpment process. This let’s your visitors know that their information will be safe.
  • Content marketing – Modern SEO is heavily dependent on relevant content. By building a content marketing plan, internet users can start to view your brand as a true authority. Leverage our content writers to truly gain an edge over the competition.

Strategies That Drive Results

SEO strategies have been evolving for over 2 decades now. Because we have so much experience, we know what SEO strategies work and what doesn’t. Our team only concentrates on modern tactics proven to work. Take a look at the difference between old versus new SEO tactics.

Old SEO Tactics vs New SEO Tactics

The main difference between old & new SEO tactics is the infrastructure utilized by the world’s largest search engines of today.

Early 2000s

SEO at this point was simplified to making sure that your website’s code was able to be crawled by search engines.

Mid 2010

Brute force tactics like link buying and keyword stuffing became the most common method for gamifying search engines.

Late 2015

By now, Google cracked down on illicit tactics like link buying and content marketing became the most prevalent way to achieve rankings.

Early 2020

Today, the internet of things really defines your searchability. By optimizing your site everywhere, you can achieve the rankings you want.

Creating Revenue Streams Through SEO

You should look at SEO as an investment rather than an expense. Our inclusive SEO services are designed to bring you a return on your investment. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing the value behind what we do.