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What You Need To Know About Schema – 2021
May 13, 2021
All There Is To Know About Schema Mark Up - Shaka Web Design Services
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  2. What You Need To Know About Schema – 2021

What You Need To Know About Schema

Table of Contents

    1. What Is Schema?
    2. The Types Of Schema
    3. Why Optimize Your Site Schema?
    4. Shaka Web Design Services Utilizes All Of The Latest Schema Options Available

If you own and operate a website, you are likely looking for ways that you can reach more users and increase your traffic. Outside of engaging content, responsive design, and SEO optimization, what else can you do to boost your site’s effectiveness?

If you aren’t using website schema markup, you may be missing out on one of the easiest ways to supercharge your site. Let’s take a closer look at schema markup, and how you can start using it effectively to reach new audiences and gain increased traffic.

What Is Schema?

In essence, schema is a set of structured data code vocabulary that helps your site rise above the noise of the internet and be found by search engines. Schema lives on you site as markup code that is invisible to site visitors.

Schema is designed to help search engines understand what your site’s purpose is and why it is on the web. Whether you are offering products and services or are a knowledge hub for commonly searched queries, there is schema markup language that will help search engines find your site first.

Schema markup is commonly attributed to sites using one of three languages:

● RDFa (Resource Descriptive Framework in Attributes)
● Microdata
● JSON-LD (Javascript Object Notation for Linked Objects)

Each language uses a unique identifier to connect data in your site to search engine result pages and other web resources. If you have Googled a restaurant near you and seen a list of reviews, stars, and operating hours, you are seeing the results of schema markup language at work!

The Types Of Schema

The power of schema markup is found in the various ways that the code can bring data from your site straight to potential consumers online. Schema markup utilizes a variety of vocabulary that allows for tons of customization based on your unique website’s purpose.

There are resources online that will give you access to the full list of schema markup vocabulary. Here is a short list of the most common schema markup types that you can use to boost your website’s effectiveness on search engines:

● Unique Articles & Blog Posts
● Events
● Recipes
● Services & Products You Offer
● Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
● Your Business Information
● Reviews

Schema markup is so flexible that you can even connect data such as recipes, medical conditions, and much more. If your site features it as a unique value proposition, there is likely a schema markup type that you can take advantage of to reach your most valuable visitors.

Why Optimize Your Site Schema?

While schema may seem like only a small bit of information for your website, the power that optimized schema market has may surprise you!

Search engine SERPs are increasingly leaning on schema markup to deliver instantaneous data to online searches. This means that if your site is not using schema markup, you are likely being passed over by search engines – and you are losing incredible valuable search traffic!

Different SEO sources have varying statistics regarding the power of schema, but most agree that sites that utilize strong schema markup are ranking nearly four positions above those who don’t use this tool. With less than one-third of sites online using schema markup in their sites, this means that those who optimize their site are reaping the benefits.

Not only is schema good for rankings, but it is a great way to build brand recognition and reputation. With a powerful schema markup on your site, you can send the most accurate data about your company, products, and services to users online.

Nobody likes discovering that a company’s site has outdated information sitting on the web – so keep your brand clean with strong schema markup.

Shaka Web Design Services Utilizes All Of The Latest Schema Options Available

All website projects at Shaka Web Design Services incorporates the latest schema / rich snippets on every page in the web design process. Contact the team at Shaka Web Design Services for your no-obligation quote today!

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