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Why You Need Powerful Anti-Spam Technology For Your Website
November 10, 2020
Anti-spam Technology - Shaka Web Design Services

Don’t Risk It: Why You Need Powerful Anti-Spam Technology For Your Website

Table of Contents

    1. Why You Need A Spam Prevention Technique
    2. Firm Up Your Defenses With A Powerful Shield Like CleanTalk

It’s the big, bad, annoying, and relentless pest that seems to worm its way into every website owner’s inbox: spam. For many business owners and entrepreneurs who operate their eCommerce through their website, spam has not only become a normal occurrence, but the amount and maliciousness of these unwanted messages is increasing exponentially.

From the unintelligible ramblings of a far-off prince looking for a wire transfer to messages that resemble real customer queries – but are packed with spyware and malware – spam can be a real thorn in your side. That is, unless, you boost your site’s defenses with a robust suite of spam filtration that keeps these pesky posts at bay.

Why You Need A Spam Prevention Technique

As a website owner, you are likely wearing more hats than you would prefer. The last thing you want to find yourself wasting time on is dealing with an unexpected hack or countless spam messages parading as real customer queries. The result of poor spam filtration and prevention can mean a loss of time and money. You can also risk losing trust and brand reputation if your site’s content is full of spam comments attempting to sell various supplements and snake oils!

The best way to shut down spam is to cut it off at the source. In most websites, spam messages will worm their way through unprotected forms and call-to-action prompts. While these can be great ways for you to convert website visitors into customers, these forms and data-entry spots are holes just waiting to be clogged. With coded bots that crawl their way around the web searching for vulnerabilities, leaving your site unprotected can spell disaster quickly.

Many DIY website companies such as WordPress now offer spam filter plugins and other protective measures as basic features. If you have ever encountered a Google rCaptcha prompt asking you to confirm “I’m not a robot!”, then you have seen these protective measures in action. Many times, these two and three-point protections offer enough power to stop most annoying messages.

Unfortunately, while developers are becoming more capable of stopping spam messages, spammers are increasing their cunning – creating more complex and powerful spam methods that can sneak past some leading blockers.

Firm Up Your Defenses With A Powerful Shield Like CleanTalk

What you really need is powerful, all-in-one protection that ensures your entire site’s safety and security. At Shaka Web Design Services, we are consistently impressed with the robust anti-spam protection provided by CleanTalk.

CleanTalk is a leading spam blocking plugin developed for use with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla websites. The setup of the plugin is super easy, and almost sets itself up once you download the plugin, install on your site, and add a purchased license key.

Once loaded to your site, CleanTalk will begin building a strong firewall to all areas of your website that have a potential of being hijacked by spam and other nefarious online data. Outside of it’s fantastic protections, CleanTalk also allows you to customize various features of the plugin’s protection – including what the anti-spam tool focuses on blocking. This can include disabling comments on posts, stopping access from specific countries or IP addresses, and more. we’ve also been impressed with CleanTalk’s ability to quickly identify what items are and are not spam – helping clients avoid losing customers due to accidental spam flags.

CleanTalk even provides you with a helpful dashboard that will give you an overview of how well the tool is working for your site – which can help you see what areas you should shore up to increase your site’s effectiveness.

CleanTalk is continuing to be one of the web developer community’s favorite anti-spam apps. With over two thousand five-star reviews and a 98% rating on TrustPilot.com, you can rest assured CleanTalk is an investment worth making for all of your compatible websites. CleanTalk offers a seven day trial prior to purchase, so you can try it out before you buy.

Want to learn more about anti-spam techniques, the CleanTalk plugin, or other helpful tips and tricks on web design and development? Reach out online! Our team at Shaka Web Design Services is ready to help you create and enhance your web presence to reach our ever-increasing online marketplace!

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