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Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp
September 30, 2020
Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Signs Your Website Is Due For A Revamp

Table of Contents

    1. Warning Signs Your Website Needs An Update
    2. Need To Digital Rehab? Trust An Expert

As a business or brand, your website is one of your most important marketing and communications tools. Whether drawing in potential customers to convince a sale or informing your audience with new products and content, a high-functioning website is a powerful tool in your digital business toolkit.

However, just like any tool, a website may require a bit of sharpening to stay strong and functional. From incorrect information to outdated plugins, a website can quickly build up digital dirt and grime that prevents it from operating at its full potential.

Wondering if it may be time for a website update or complete revamping? Here are some signs that your website may be due for a little TLC:

Warning Signs Your Website Needs An Update

1) Your Traffic Is Decreasing

One of the first signs that your website isn’t firing on all cylinders is a big reduction in traffic. This can include everything from:
● Unique New Visitors
● Click-Through-Rates
● Average Length A Visitor Stays On A Page
● Decrease in Conversions
● Decrease in Online Sales

As you start to notice any (or all) of these start to decrease, the first place you should look is your website’s overall functionality and content. If you are confident in your products and services and are surprised at low performance online, your website may be the culprit.

2. Negative Website Feedback

A surefire way to know if your website is lacking is when your customers or online visitors tell you directly! As a business owner or entrepreneur, you know the value of high customer service. If your customers are responding to a poor performing website, it’s time to dig in and find out the specifics.

While negative responses can be tough to hear, they can also be a great gift of wisdom into how to make their experience better!

3. Visitors Are Not Hanging Around (Bounce Rate)

If a visitor comes by your website to check things out and then immediately clicks away, you know that something is awry. A bounce rate is a great metric for knowing how long unique visitors linger on your site. Watching videos, reading engaging content, and perusing products is how you great websites keep their visitors hooked – and potentially turn them into customers.

On average, most sites can work with a bounce rate of 50% or lower. Is your bounce rate surprisingly high? If so, your site may need a revamp to ensure that visitors stay awhile. Whether it is due to a poor functioning site that is slow or glitchy, or the content just isn’t that exciting, bounce rates are a good indicator that you need to shoot a digital steroid into your site!

4. Your Site’s Page Speed Is Slow

Similar to bounce rates, another technical reason for needing a website revamp is slow page loading speeds. As our online attention span continues to shorten, users are expecting fast responses when they click on your site. If the loading takes too long, or content on the page isn’t popping up quickly, then you can bet they will move on. According to experts, with every one second delay of your site’s pages, you can experience a 7% loss in overall conversions!

Making sure that your website is operating at a high speed with the proper bandwidth, plugins and codecs is essential to helping your users navigate your site and make their way to the contact form or shopping cart. If things are moving slowly, it may be time to upgrade and update!

5) You Are Lacking High-Quality Content

It may be easy to chalk up your website’s poor performance to mysterious technical problems. However, have you considered that the content on your pages are the problem? In our fast-moving, social media-centric online world, it is more important than ever to have high-quality, engaging content on your pages. If your website’s text, photography, or videos are less-than-stellar, you can guarantee that visitors will bounce.

Not only should your content be engaging, but it should be informative! Nothing frustrates website visitors more than a good looking site with no clear call to action. If visitors are unable to quickly move from home page to decision-point, then they will try to find a faster alternative.

Need To Digital Rehab? Trust An Expert

Once you know you have problems with your website, it is essential to move quickly so that you can remedy the problems and get back to reaching your business goals. Unfortunately, as a busy entrepreneur, website design and updates are often pushed to the backburner.

At Shaka Web Design Services, our web design experts are ready to help busy professionals build and maintain websites. From technical updates to content advice, with an experienced web designer in your corner, you can trust that your site will be updated, upgraded, and reach new potential in no time!

Whether you want to find out why your website may be performing poorly, or need an experienced hand to get your site strong, contact Shaka Web Design Services today! Our team is standing by to help you learn more about our full web design and management services.

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