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Building A Website? When It Comes To Email, You Have Options in 2021
March 28, 2021
Is Website Email Right for Your Business?

Building A Website? When It Comes To Email, You Have Options

Table of Contents

    1. 3 Reasons Your Business May Want To Skip Website-Hosted Email
    2. Choosing A Better Email Option
    3. Discover More Tips & Tricks With Shaka Web Design Services

We’ve all been there: You build a brand new website using a website builder platform. Easy enough, right? As you go to check out, you are hit with a last-minute sales pitch:

Register today and receive a free email account connected to your domain!

It may be tempting to simply click and accept the hosted email through your new website. After all, doesn’t it look more professional to have your brand or company name in the address of your email account?

While utilizing website-hosted email services may seem quick and easy, there are reasons to skip the offer and set up your own email separate from your website. Read on to learn more:

3 Reasons Your Business May Want To Skip Website-Hosted Email

It may be tempting to take advantage of the all-in-one email solution through your website’s builder or hosting platform. However, there are some hidden disadvantages that may give you hesitation:

1. Website Email Hosting Locks You In
Nobody likes to feel trapped. Unfortunately, when you sign up for email hosting through your website, you may find that you are locked into that particular host forever.

As often happens, the day may come when you decide that you want to migrate your site to a new or better hosting platform. If you are using your email through your current hosting service, you may find that you lose your email as you attempt to migrate. Migration is hard enough – don’t let an email lockdown stop you!

2. Website Email Doesn’t Offer The Functionality You Need
Email is just type, click, send… right? Actually, the ease of use that many email users have come to enjoy is due to the functionality that email companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have developed through their standalone services.

Website hosted email will often lack the functionality and speed that you expect from an email service. If you are used to operating quickly through a Google or Microsoft email service, you may want to consider staying with those service providers.

3. Website Email Hosting Can Get Slow & Bulky
When it comes to your website, you are probably looking for lightning-fast speed and efficiency. Unfortunately, for every email you send through your website hosting service, those images, attachments, and files will add to your limited site storage capacity.

You can also find that your storage reaches capacity quickly – slowing your site down to a snail’s pace and leaving you facing upcharges for more space. Skip the risk and consider staying with a third-party email service.

Choosing A Better Email Option

When you design a website for your personal brand or business, it can be easy to think that you are locked into that platform’s email hosting. Good news: There are options, and they are more effective than you may expect!

For those looking to maximize their brand or business operations through both email and website, there are third-party options available that make use or personalized email domains while still offering fast speed and functionality.

Services such as Office 365 and Google Workspace mail platforms are a great option for those looking to utilize email apart from their website. Not only are these services industry-standard when it comes to effective email, but they also feature plenty of flexible plans and features to allow you to use email alongside your branded website.

Third-party plans are also cheaper than most website hosted email platforms, and provide more flexibility for changing and adding addresses should your business grow. You can also migrate your website in peace knowing that your email connectivity won’t be impacted by the change.

Discover More Tips & Tricks With Shaka Web Design Services

While website-hosted email can work for many site owners, the risks may outweigh the benefits of sticking to a tried-and-true email method. Want to learn more about how to optimize your website experience and discover other great tips like this? Find more online at Shaka Web Design Services.

At Shaka Web Design Services, our team of experienced and skilled website developers can help you make the best choice for your email solution, while keeping your website optimized to reach new customers, build traffic, and increase your brand’s effectiveness. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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