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Everything You Didn’t Know About Spam
January 10, 2021
SPAM - Shaka Web Design Services
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Everything You Didn’t Know About SPAM…Not The Kind In Your Inbox!

Table of Contents

    1. The History Of SPAM
    2. SPAM: How Hawaii Stands Apart
    3. Comfort In Crisis
    4. Fight Spam While Enjoying SPAM With Shaka Web Design Services

Here at Shaka Web Design Services, we spend a lot of time helping website owners and business leaders continue their fight against the invisible enemy known as spam. We’ve all dealt with spam of various kinds – those annoying bits of useless email, phishing requests, and all-around irritating junk that tries to get through your website’s forms and email accounts. We’ve even been pretty successful at building robust spam blockers to help companies spend time answering real consumer queries and protecting their valuable data.

Yet, for all of our work in the battle against spam, our team at Shaka Web Design Services must admit – we actually love SPAM! No, not the digital kind that we pride ourselves on fighting against every day. We are talking about real SPAM – the physical food-found-in-a-can that lives at the back of many Hawaiian pantries.

If you live or grew up in Hawaii, you have likely eaten SPAM. Whether you’ve enjoyed this delight on its own or mixed in with a favorite dish, SPAM has become an island staple. Ever wondered what SPAM is, and why so many Hawaiian residents enjoy this tasty dish? Let’s take a look at the history of SPAM, and discover how this meat has become so popular in Hawaii.

The History Of SPAM

You may think that you know all there is to know about SPAM, but you may be surprised at just how much history this humble delicacy holds. Beloved across the Hawaiian islands, nearly seven million cans of SPAM are consumed. To put it another way it’s every man, woman and child consuming 7 cans of SPAM a year! That’s more than any other state in the United States of America!

Called SPAM as a shortening of the title “spiced ham”, SPAM rose to fame in Hawaii during the years of World War II, when Army units began to consume the cheap meat option while stationed on the island. A great and inexpensive addition to many meals, SPAM took on a new nickname – “Special Army Meat” – due to the fact that it required little refrigeration and boasted an impressive shelf life.

A great protein addition to dishes with eggs, burgers, and more, SPAM was so popular that the Hormel Company began shipping millions of pounds of SPAM to units station in Hawaii and Guam throughout the war.

SPAM: How Hawaii Stands Apart

While SPAM has taken on a less-than-desirable reputation in many locations, Hawaii has taken SPAM to heart as a local delicacy. Across the islands, restaurants such as Burger King and McDonald’s include “Hawaiian Steak” options that compete with most other meals! SPAM musubis and bentos at local 7-11 stores as easy-to-grab comfort food.

SPAM has captured the heart of the island so much that Waikiki holds an annual “SPAM Jam” to celebrate the resident’s favorite meal. From the kitchen table to the public consciousness, the love for SPAM by Hawaii’s residents has genuinely set the state apart from its 49 sister states in a unique way.

Comfort In Crisis

A major reason that SPAM has been able to maintain its hold in the hearts of Hawaii residents is its relatively cheap manufacturing and the meat’s ability to be included in many different dishes and meals.

Also knows as a “comfort food”, SPAM sales in Hawaii have been booming during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. According to Bloomberg research, sales of SPAM in the US was boosted by nearly 70% during the 15 weeks leading up to June – a massive boost in sales during a time when consumers were struggling to make ends meet.

With SPAM’s unique characteristics, lasting expiration, and near-limitless uses, this delicacy may be just what is needed to bring a sense of normalcy to a crazy world. In Hawaii, with millions of cans consumed every year, the COVID pandemic has continued to ensure that SPAM remains a staple in nearly every home.

Fight Spam While Enjoying SPAM With Shaka Web Design Services

At Shaka Web Design Services, we are huge fans of those special ways that Hawaii is unique – including our love for SPAM. While we spend a good deal of our time helping business owners and website operators find ways to keep spam out of their inboxes and away from their sites, we are always up for a nice SPAM musubi!

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