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Why WordPress Is The Most Popular Website Builder 2020
September 22, 2020
Shaka Web Design Services Builds With Wordpress
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  2. Why WordPress Is The Most Popular Website Builder 2020

What is WordPress and Why Is It The Most Popular Website Builder?

Table of Contents

    1. Five Reasons Top Companies & Brands Build Their Site On WordPress
    2. Boost Your WordPress Site With Expert Guidance

When it comes to building a website, WordPress takes the cake as one of the industry’s leading design platforms. Learn more about WordPress, and how you can partner with a WordPress expert to build a dynamic web presence.

When it comes to online website building platforms, there are a variety of companies that promise a quick-and-easy solution. However, even the flashiest web builders pale in comparison to the power and flexibility of WordPress.

WordPress is a fully-integrated website developer and Content Management System (CMS) that gives users complete control of building a high-quality website. While WordPress has a bit of a larger learning curve than other web building suites, the ability to quickly build and deploy a variety of websites makes WordPress stand tall against the competition.

Wondering if WordPress is the right choice for your web design needs? Here are five reasons top brands are building their websites on WordPress:

Five Reasons Top Companies & Brands Build Their Site On WordPress

1. The Platform Gives You Limitless Creativity

WordPress’s builders created the web design platform to enable the creation of nearly any kind of website you need to create:
● Mobile-First & Responsive Content
● Landing Page Sites
● High-Quality Media Streaming Sites
● Product & Service Sales Sites
● eCommerce Platforms
… and more!

Because WordPress is flexible and can be modified down to the bare essentials, you have the freedom to build and customize your website to meet any business need or goal. The product is adaptable as well, which allows you to quickly update and change elements of your site on the go!

2. WordPress Sites Support Many Media Types

In today’s digital marketplace, it is more important than ever to have a website that features a variety of eye-catching and scroll-stopping content. WordPress’s page coding and codecs allow for the placement of many modern media types – from high-quality streaming video and photographs to interactive text. Your website’s only limit is your own creativity.

3. The Website with Themes and Plugins Allow For The Ultimate Customization

The secret weapon of the WordPress platform is found in the many pre-built plugins and themes that you can utilize to bring your website to life. With elements that are both WordPress-developed and made by third-party creatives, you can add impressive pages and interactive elements that will draw in visitors and convert them to customers. The plugins and themes can be switched out quickly, allowing for an even greater level of customization.

4. You Can Build Your Website How You Want

The amount of creative control that you gain with a WordPress website is what sets this platform apart from the other point-and-click web builders on the market. While companies that promise “easy” development can offer flashy templates, the ability to customize your website to your exact needs is often trapped behind costly paywalls – if not completely locked.

With WordPress sites, you can access the HTML and CSS code directly, giving you full access to unleash your creative potential.

5. It’s What Everyone Else Is Doing

While doing something because everyone else is doing it may be discouraged by your parents, jumping on this bandwagon can pay huge dividends. The WordPress CRM system is the most popular in the world, with nearly 75 million websites using the service at last estimate. This popularity means that WordPress is constantly updated and offers high-quality customer service. The ever-growing WordPress community is also churning out engaging themes, plugins, and tips for helping users build the site of their dreams.

Boost Your WordPress Site With Expert Guidance

As we’ve seen above, WordPress is one of the web design industry’s most tried and trusted development suites. However, taking advantage of the full suite of WordPress tools will require a bit more insight into how this powerful format operates.

If your brand or company is looking to overhaul your website presence with a WordPress site, don’t risk a DIY job. At Shaka Web Design Services, our WordPress design experts have years of experience working with the entire WordPress platform. By partnering with Shaka Web Design Services, you can ensure that your site will look great and function effectively.

Not only can an experienced web team build your WordPress site from scratch, but a skilled developer can connect the various tools and enhancements that make WordPress the web powerhouse that it can be. Ready to gain a competitive edge in your industry? Contact Shaka Web Design Services today to learn more about our full WordPress web design and management services!

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