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The Top Qualities You Need In A Web Design Company
July 18, 2020
Top Qualities You Need In A Web Design Company
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  2. The Top Qualities You Need In A Web Design Company

The Top Qualities You Need In A Web Design Company

Table of Contents

  1. 4 Qualities Of An All-Star Web Design Company
  2. Meet The Website Designer Who Exceeds Expectations

When you set out to launch a new website presence for your personal or corporate brand, one of the first questions you should ask is who is designing your site. While it may be tempting to simply sign up for one of the many DYI website builders, building your web presence without the proper understanding of the various aspects of proper functionality can leave you up a river without a paddle.

Even in the midst of social media’s quick rise to popularity, websites remain the main way that consumers engage with brands and companies. As millions of consumers increasingly take to the internet for online shopping, you need to ensure your site is competitive and engaging to capture your market. This means that your website should capture visitors through quality SEO, should keep those visitors around with responsive content, and turn those visitors into revenue via clicks and eCommerce capabilities.

Sound like a tall order? Without the right skills, building a successful website design can be overwhelming. However, if you hire the right website designer, you could have the website of your dreams faster than you imagine! If you are ready to make sure your website is designed with a competitive edge, you need the services of a trained and experienced web designer.

Before you set out to hire an all-star web designer, here are the must-haves you should make sure a designer meets before you hand them the keys to your website.

4 Qualities Of An All-Star Web Design Company

They Listen First, & Offer Advice Second

As a business leader an entrepreneur, you are the expert in your field. As such, you have likely put time and effort into developing a brand identity and strategy for how you are operating. Ultimately, the buck stops with you when it comes to your business success. When you begin the process of searching for a web designer to bring your vision to the screen, it is vital that your designer take the time to get to know both you and your brand. In your opening conversations with a potential designer, ensure that they showcase the ability to listen to everything you have to say. From taking detailed notes to being able to repeat your desires back to you almost verbatim, a true designer can take a brand vision and goal and keep its integrity intact during implementation.

While a designer should be an expert listener, they should also have the ability to patiently work with you to take your ideas further than you could. As the expert in their field, a quality web designer will have much to offer when it comes to the design. However, offering advice should always come second to a careful understanding of your goals and vision. When you find a web designer or design team that takes the time to listen first, you will know you have struck gold!

They Know How To Build Modern Websites

This quality of a good designer may seem too simple, but there are many web designers working in the digital marketplace who don’t have the experience to build a modern and functional website. Don’t get caught spending money and resources on a designer who is unable to walk you through the aspects of a successful website, such as responsiveness, mobile user interfaces, SEO and CSS coding, and more.

Not only should your web designer have the ability to develop a jaw-dropping website that wows you and your customers, but they should also have the expertise to ensure that your site has the functionality to reach customers and convert them to revenue. Before signing on with a website designer, make sure to have them walk you through each step of their design and implementation process, and ensure that as much time is given to back-end development as front-end design.

They Have A Track Record They Can Show

A great way to know if a web designer is worth their price tag is by checking out their portfolio. As you being talking with various designers and design teams, ask to see their portfolio of past projects and clients.

In particular, take the time to “secret shop” the websites that they have designed in the past, working your way through each site as though you were an interested and paying customer. If their websites excite you and work seamlessly, you can rest easy knowing your brand is safe in their hands!

They Are Friendly!

Finally, the key to a great designer relationship is communication. Building your website should be fun and exciting, as you are taking your company a step further in the ever-growing digital marketplace! If your potential designer is excited about the idea of helping you build your website, you can trust that their communication and follow-up will be top-notch. Make sure that your designer is friendly – they are likely someone you will be working closely with for a long time!

Meet The Website Designer Who Exceeds Expectations

There are many ingredients to consider when it comes to finding the perfect website designer or design team for your unique business needs. If you are in need of a designer that exceeds expectations and delivers quality work, check out the team at Shaka Web Design Services. At Shaka Web Design Services, our experienced and talented team of designers will walk with you through each step of the design process to ensure that your brand is represented online with a fun and functional website focused on conversion.

Ready to get started? Contact Shaka Web Design Services today to learn more about this and other elements of digital marketing and design you need to master to become successful!

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