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Small Business Email Marketing Strategy & Tips for 2020
May 18, 2020
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Small Business Email Marketing Strategy & Tips for 2020

No matter what size of business or organization you run, having the ability to contact and engage with clients, customers, and stakeholders is vital to having a healthy and thriving existence. You need to engage with potential customers and provide helpful and informative content to loyal followers on a consistent basis. With the rise of the digital marketplace – and the subsequent decline in online attention span – it has never been more important for your brand to stay above the noise and in front of eyes.

What is the best way to keep your base aware of your company’s existence? Is it a high-powered social media feed? Viral video content on the latest streaming channel? Would you believe us if we told you that it is a compelling, consistent email marketing strategy?

The Shocking Relevance of Email

While email inboxes around the world are filled daily with a cacophony of advertisements and useless click-bait, statistics show that most individuals still own and operate a faithful email account that they check each and every day. Consider the latest research: Over 3.7 billion people use an email account every day – compared to 3.8 billion social media users worldwide. Even while social media is the darling of the marketing world, email is still beating it by nearly 400 million people. While you may be tempted to throw your marketing dollars at building a booming social media brand, it is clear that email is here to stay.

Tips For Building A Thriving Email Marketing Strategy In 2020

It is likely that your company or brand uses email as a way to contact customers, but a majority of businesses aren’t using the service to its full potential. To begin engaging customers in a whole new way and begin increasing ROI and CRO, you need an email marketing strategy that works for your specific needs. Here are a few tips and tricks for building an email marketing strategy this year that generates real results:

Reach Customers First With Great Content

Think about your own email habits – how quickly do you check your email? Be honest!

For many, it is the first thing they view in the morning – before they even get out of bed! Imagine having your brand be the very first thing that an individual accesses each day. By having a consistent and engaging email marketing strategy that is scheduled to reach customers first thing in the morning, you can build a standing meeting with a client each day. By including encouraging and helpful content that benefits the customer, you can ensure that your email will always be the first thing they look at each morning!

Be Seen As The Local Expert You Are

Here is a secret: Email doesn’t have to be all ads all the time! A high-functioning email strategy is built with a variety of great content – everything from inspiring photographs to educational videos. As a local business, you are likely an expert in something that benefits your community. Build your email strategy with community service in mind, and soon your brand will be seen as an essential service in your neighborhood that people want to support!

Save Money On Email Marketing

If you are a small business, you know how important it is to watch our marketing budget. From printing to delivery, getting your name in front of a customer’s eyes can become costly – quickly. With a thriving email marketing strategy, you can save money in your marketing budget while ensuring that you make the same impact that you would have with other expensive marketing efforts. With an experienced marketing firm helping you develop a plan, you can make sure that your emails are utilized far more than any type of print material.

Want To Learn More? Contact Shaka Web Design Services To Discover Your Personalized Email Marketing Strategy

As a team with years of experience building email marketing strategies, Shaka Web Design Services has a proven track record of helping all kinds of businesses succeed in the ever-popular email marketing world. If you are ready to really give email the chance it deserves for your company or organization, contact us today to discover how a Shaka Web Design Services email strategy could make all the difference in 2020!

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