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The Importance of Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile In 2020
September 16, 2020
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  2. The Importance of Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile In 2020

The Importance of Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

Table of Contents

    1. What Is Google My Business?
    2. Google My Business: More Than Just Statistics
    3. Leave Your Optimization In Capable Hands

If you haven’t updated your Google My Business profile with your current business details, you may be missing valuable traffic and conversions. With a simple optimization, you can cash in on the power of Google’s algorithms.

The digital marketplace has become quite crowded in the past few months. The global pandemic’s economic shutdowns forced countless businesses and brands to flee to online sales to survive. In the blink of an eye, company websites that had once sat idle were being polished and upgraded to help companies reach their customers who were shopping online.

However, simply selling your products or services online doesn’t guarantee success in the online market. For many businesses jumping on the online sales bandwagon, there is one mistake that is keeping them from reaching relevance with potential customers: a lack of Google My Business optimization.

What Is Google My Business?

Everyone is familiar with searching on Google. The search engine has become such a common part of everyday life that one need only type their search into a browser bar, and a search engine will automatically pop up with relevant information.

Google My Business takes the online search process a step further in effectiveness by creating a constantly curate online listing of business details. From operating hours to ratings, Google My Business reaches into the profiles of businesses and pulls the relevant information into their search system.
For example, imagine that you are operating a coffee shop. If an individual pulls up their browser or Google Maps search and types “coffee near me”, your shop will show up with hours, menus, ratings, and directions. With any luck, the amount of information the user’s disposal will quickly decide for them!

Google My Business: More Than Just Statistics

Google My Business allows for businesses to enjoy far more than just putting hours and directions in front of searching clients. When optimized properly, Google My Business profiles can help generate traffic and convert searches into revenue.

According to research studies, there are over 3.5 billion Google searches completed every day. That means that users are searching for billions of keywords for various products and services at any given moment. Somewhere in those billions of searches should be one or two terms that relate to your business. If your Google My Business profile is updated and current, there is a higher likelihood that your brand will pop up at the top of the list when searched.

Unfortunately, the majority of businesses still aren’t utilizing the benefits of Google My Business profiles. Without updating your business profile content and connecting the service directly to your website, you may be missing other SEO-related benefits such as:

● Personally curate the business information displayed across Google searches and advertising.
● Directly engage with online customers through FAQs and targeted content.
● Manage and respond to customer reviews to ensure the best of your business is showcased.
● Gain a greater control of the photos and videos attributed to your business on Google – including customer review photos, service or product videos, and more.
● Gather and act on analytics related directly to your customer behavior from search-to-site.

The benefits of Google My Business extend beyond increasing your SEO optimization. Your business’s ability to reach potential clients – especially during times when hours and services may be in flux – will be directly tied to your utilization of Google My Business.

Leave Your Optimization In Capable Hands

Are you convinced as to the importance of having an updated and fully-functioning Google My Business profile? In an ever-increasing online market, reaching customers online is more important than ever. The fastest way to ensure that your company or brand reaches the top of Google’s search algorithms is by fully optimizing your My Business profile

We know that running a business is a lot of work. To help you achieve prime optimization for your website, the team at Shaka Web Design offers full Google My Business optimization services with every website build they complete. With a web design and analytics expert from Shaka Web Design on your team, you can trust that your website and business details are fully connected to Google to help showcase the best of your products and services.

Are you ready to team up with a team that knows how to achieve real results online? Contact Shaka Web Design Services to learn more about services such as Google My Business and other digital marketing trends that you need to stay ahead of to remain competitive in today’s digital marketplace. Shaka Web Design is ready to help your brand reach higher with professional web design and marketing services.

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