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The Importance of Website Maintenance for Small Business
February 19, 2020
The Importance of Website Maintenance - Shaka Web Design

Why WordPress Maintenance Matters?

When we talk about WordPress maintenance, most people assume that the only related task is to update WordPress core themes and plugins as soon as they are released.

SEO work and ongoing development work must be handled competently. In fact, running and maintaining a website is a challenge and is neglected by people who misunderstand the benefits of ongoing maintenance and therefore do not appreciate keeping up with it.

If you do not know how to maintain your website correctly, problems may arise. If you have a broken website, you lose existing web visitors and potential customers. Your company may become a victim of website hacking, from which it might be quite difficult to recover.

An un-maintained WordPress site can also cause pages to load slowly, causing users to be turned off. You can avoid all these problems by opting for a high quality WordPress maintenance service like Shaka Web Design Services offers to all it’s customers as part of the web design process. WordPress Maintenance Service includes a variety of WordPress plugins, themes as well as a number of other functions.

The maintenance of WordPress plays an important role in securing your site and ensures that the content of your WordPress site is regularly updated. In addition to updates and security checks, there are a few other tasks that fall into the category of WordPress maintenance. You need theme, core and database backups of your WP website, and you need a backup of all files in your database in case a website collapses and becomes inaccessible to your users.

A quality provider keeps your backups automated and does not interfere with the user experience during the backup process. You will also be notified when your resources are depleted and you need to monitor your WordPress resources to prevent downtime.

Code changes must be versioned. A track record of previous changes gives you confidence that you can safely return to the previous version.

Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress must be constantly monitored, analyzed and tested for compatibility, stability and speed. If you want your WordPress site to work smoothly, you need a bulletproof code. A secure clone of your website is the best way to test new updates without potentially harming your live website because it is not certain that it will be tested. Internal protocols need to be monitored, broken plugins and scripts have a high probability of being run again, or other problems. None of these issues need to be addressed to keep your system stable.

Why Doing Your Own Website Maintenance Is A Bad Idea

There are only a few things in business that need to be managed by an expert. Take, for example, the maintenance of websites. While you may only need the help of your web team to ensure that your website is burning on all cylinders and is secure, it is important to resist the temptation to tinker, and to bring in an expert to maintain your websites and provide in-depth support when you need them most. It is not only important that you hire a professional web design company to do the maintenance, but that this is done for a variety of reasons.

Even if it may seem simple at first glance, website maintenance and website management is not an open book. There are a number of skills that are required to ensure that your website operates at the highest level. We have outlined some of the basic reasons why you should avoid maintaining websites and leaving it to a professional website design company. What skills are needed to ensure that websites function properly and rank well in search engines?

You will probably not be up to date with the latest algorithms and updates from Google, which means that you will be behind the curve in terms of maintenance and website management. Getting the help of a professional means hiring someone who can keep up with the latest algorithms, who understands how to keep your website in good hands, and who gets high rankings in search results. Do not do your own website maintenance unless you are trained or qualified to perform more detailed maintenance tasks. You don’t get someone who is inexperienced to maintain his car.

Updating your website can be difficult if you need to change the design, add plugins or run tests. Use a professional web maintenance group and enlist the help of a person who can customize the site to ensure it meets your needs. Often, small tweaks in design and user experience can make a big difference in the web maintenance process. You can find a variety of professional website maintenance groups online. If you are trained and experienced, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Troubleshooting and combating software upgrades is an essential element of website maintenance. If you’re not an overly technical person, this could easily be your worst nightmare. However, if you don’t feel like logging bugs or upgrading, you should leave maintenance to the experts who do it. Troubleshooting logging is one of the most important tasks for a professional website maintenance team when it comes to putting your website at the top of the search engines.

As you can see above, it’s not for everyone. There is a lot going on in the maintenance and management of websites.

Do not run a business where you can do your own maintenance with the help of web-based maintenance professionals. The purpose of a website is to boost business for your product or service. With this in mind, it is important to have a team of website maintenance experts by your side to ensure that your website is burning on all cylinders and operating at a top-notch speed so that your visitors get the best possible experience. If you think you can maintain your own website and continue with its support, the real question is what should you do?


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