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Google’s Ever Changing Search Algorithm and Why You Need To Know About It
January 29, 2020
Google's Ever Changing Search Algorithm and Why You Need To Know About It - Shaka Web Design Services

Why It’s Important For Your Business Success To Know About Google’s Changes To Its Search Algorithm

Ever since Larry Page and Sergey Brin came out in 1996, experts have been trying to figure out how to get their websites to the top of the results. The SEO community has managed to flesh out the details of how optimization should be done with RankBrain, which is now available, but it was largely a mystery. As we know, SEO today is all about making incremental adjustments to ensure that everyone who seeks answers, solves problems, makes purchases or finds entertainment through search engines. This is made difficult by Google’s custom of making changes or updates to their search algorithms.

A well known name in the SEO community is Neil Patel and he wrote an excellent article on how to navigate Google’s latest algorithm update. Understanding these changes is all the more important for small businesses that want to appear in relevant local search results and then attract new customers. According to a study by the Local Search Association, search engines are one of the most effective tools for locating local business information. To be found and selected online, a small business must first understand how Google determines ranking factors and then develop a strategy to respond.

quote left iconHave you noticed that Google is constantly making algorithm changes? And when they do, they rarely tell you the change they’ve made.

They tend to keep it a bit vague, like this… Continue reading…

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