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Having A Flashy Website Doesn’t Automatically Guarantee Your Success
March 4, 2020
There's More To A Website Than A Flashy Design - Shaka Web Design Services
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  2. Having A Flashy Website Doesn’t Automatically Guarantee Your Success

Having A Flashy Website Doesn’t Automatically Guarantee Your Success

It may sound counterintuitive, but having a flashy website doesn’t automatically mean you will instantly gain page #1 rankings on google. In the modern digital era, you need a combination of tactics to form a complete strategy designed to cover all your bases. Overlooking certain areas of your website strategy will cause your competitors to easily surpass your efforts. Take this opportunity to learn all you need to know about optimizing your website for success.

Quality content

Modern search engines promote relevant content over all other SEO strategies. This means that implementing a content marketing strategy is more important than having a flashy website with bells and whistles. Consider this when you are allocating the marketing budget.

Well Implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

An SEO strategy should be tailored to your specific needs and industry. By properly implementing your SEO strategy, you can capitalize on higher search engine rankings. Additionally, an SEO strategy should combine various tactics that all help you leverage higher rankings.

Website Security

Flashy doesn’t mean secure. Any website that experiences a significant amount of visitors should carefully protect itself from malicious attempts to break past the firewall or antivirus software. You wouldn’t want all your hard work to be negated by a single hack, do you?

Easy Accessibility

Modern internet users have an attention span shorter than five seconds. If your website takes too long to load or contains hard to spell words, you will lose a significant number of potential customers. Help stay ahead of the curve by making sure your website is easily accessible.

Domain Authority

Have you heard of the term domain authority? Websites with more pages, more content, higher numbers of inward and outward links have higher domain authority. This will help your website rank higher and should be taken into consideration.

Keyword Optimization

You can optimize your website for keywords without stuffing them in. Search engines actually penalize websites that engage in keyword stuffing. Instead of investing in a flashy website, first, work on optimizing for keywords. This means using your keywords in the alt text, meta descriptions, title tags and anywhere else you can.

On & Off-Page SEO Strategy

On and off-page SEO is tremendously more valuable than building a flashy website. This means that instead of spending thousands on a dynamic website. First work on improving your on and off-page SEO to rank better. That is a better use of your hard-earned capital.

Technical SEO

It doesn’t matter how flashy your website is. If search engines can’t crawl or index your site, it’s worthless. Technical SEO services will help your website be easily indexed by the big search engines. This will help visitors actually find and do business with you. Building a powerful website that attracts endless visitors is an art form rather than a task. By working with professional web developers, you can ensure that your website stands far above the competition.

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