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In The New COVID-19 Economy, Every Business Is An Online Business
April 14, 2020
COVID-19 Economy Every Business Is An Online Business

In The New COVID-19 Economy, Every Business Is An Online Business

In the age of coronavirus, it has become more important than ever for a business to have the ability to reach their customers in the digital realm. With thousands of businesses shutting their physical doors, the need to throw open the digital doors and windows has become vital to reach the millions of customers now spending their day social distancing at home.

The Digital Pivot: Making Your Website Work For You

Just because more people are staying home doesn’t mean that they have stopped consuming. In fact, online retailers and streaming services have seen a meteoric rise in sales in recent weeks as more people move to order online. To take advantage of this new online economy, it is imperative that your website provides accurate, up-to-date information on the services and features that your business or organization offers.

You may have had a website for your business for years. However, did you ever expect that your website would become the primary – perhaps only – method that current and potential customers access your services or products? If you are a company that has been forced to shut your physical location

How To Utilize Your Website To Reach Customers Online

Here are a few elements to consider when looking at revamping your website to reach customers online:

  • The ability to accept and process payments through an online shopping portal.
  • A full catalog of products and services that updates in real-time.
  • Engaging and educational videos featuring products and company team members.
  • An online portal where customers can create accounts, ask questions, and build community.
  • Access to social media feeds that show curated content that gives updates and behind-the-scenes views of the company.

When it comes to building an online presence that is effective in reaching customers online, the only limit is your own creativity. Experiment with new and unique methods to reach your target audience and learn from others who are succeeding in their own online endeavors.

Adapting To The Present, Planning For The Future

For companies all over the world, moving business online is a method of adapting and surviving the current economic crisis. However, even when the current health situation begins to wind down, one reality will remain: doing business online is the future of business.

For your company to survive and thrive in this new online economy, take the steps today to ensure that you are primed to take advantage of new online opportunities! If you would like to learn more about how to equip your company to thrive in the digital space, contact Shaka Web Design Services today!

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