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6 Reasons You Don’t Want To Build & Manage Your Own Website
August 25, 2020
Self Managed Website Is A Bad Idea - Shaka Web Design Services

6 Reasons You Don’t Want To Build & Manage Your Own Website

Table of Contents

    1. Six Reasons To Avoid DIY Website Development
    2. Bonus Reason: DIY Is Lonely

Popular DIY website builders promise the ability to create an engaging website quickly. But do you trust yourself to build and manage a website built with DIY materials?

It doesn’t take long browsing online before you come across an advertisement from an online company that offers do-it-yourself website design. With flashy promises such as “point and click builder!” and “Online shopping capabilities!” these DIY builders claim that you can design, launch, and start seeing traffic and revenue from your new website in minutes.

However, are you skilled and prepared to build and manage your website on your own? Many website builders promise a steak knife and end up delivering the butter-cutting variety – leaving you with a low-functioning website that under-performs. To take advantage of all that a high-functioning website can provide, you need the help of an experienced expert.

Here are six reasons that you should partner with a professional web designer for your next (or current) website development and management.

Six Reasons To Avoid DIY Website Development

1: Lack Of Customization

While free website builders are great for your budget, you get what you pay for. Most DIY website builders offer templates with little to no customization features. Wherever a text block or image is in the template, that is where it stays. This means that your website will be locked to a certain look and feel as long as you use that template. Not only will you lack the ability to update your site as your brand or business changes, but your website may end up looking identical to thousands of other DIY websites on the web.

2: DIY Is Not Effective Or Efficient

In today’s digital-first market, a website must perform well to stand out and encourage conversions. This is why your favorite sites are regularly updated with engaging content and work really well. Some DIY builders aren’t clear on how templates will function on multiple devices, including mobile-friendly capabilities.

Without the knowledge of how to keep websites updated and fine-tuned, your DIY website will be stuck performing as well as it can on day one. Only trust an expert to keep your website running smoothly.

3. A Professional Look? Probably Not

With so many people using websites these days, it is becoming increasingly easy to notice if a website is built by a low-budget or free builder. An unprofessional look and feel can cost you quite a bit in brand reputation and website traffic. Don’t trust your brand to a DIY site builder. Keep it professional with a design expert.

4. You Need Optimization

You know that your website needs to be SEO optimized – but do you know what SEO is, or how you achieve optimization? DIY builders will help you set up your site, but leave the technical elements to the imagination. A qualified and experienced web designer will understand SEO, and bring that expertise to your brand and website’s specific needs. This will ensure that your traffic increases over time through high-performing search engine results.

5. You Need Even MORE Optimization

SEO isn’t the only way that your website can stand out against your competitors. Your site also needs to have built-in specifications that allow for Google to verify your presence with their Webmaster Tools and Analytic. Without the proper verification and coding, your website could be left in the middle of the sea of sites with no way to draw in traffic.

6. No Helpful Analytics

In order to make money, DIY website builders need to reach as many users as possible with low-level site functionality. This means that the scripting code of these site’s frameworks cannot often track analytics. If a site builder offers analytics, they are often inaccurate. To truly understand how your website is performing, you need an expert who can set up and manage your analytics – making updates and changes as necessary to increase traffic and conversion success.

Bonus Reason: DIY Is Lonely

Building and operating a professional website doesn’t need to be a lonely affair. With so much riding on your digital presence’s success, you need a team in your corner who understands your brand’s goals, mission, and how to bring your purpose to life on the web.

At Shaka Web Design, our web design experts are skilled at working with folks from various industries to build professional websites that work. With a web design expert on your team, you can trust that your website is operating at its full potential and that your online presence is competitive in an ever-growing online marketplace! Contact Shaka Web Design today to learn more about our full-range of web design and management services.

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